Alabama Senate candidate accuses ‘bigots’ of ‘pandering’

A Republican candidate in Alabama accused “bigots” of “pandering” to African Americans and the “liberal elites” by trying to portray him as a racist.

The Republican National Committee condemned the attack on the senatorial candidate in an email Sunday morning.

“While it is unfortunate that this attack was brought to our attention by the media, the Republican Party will not allow any attacks on our nominee for President to distract from our campaign to elect conservative leaders in Washington, D.C.,” RNC chair Ronna McDaniel said in the email.

“It is outrageous that this candidate would stoop to such low lows in order to gain the attention of liberal voters and donors.”

McDaniel called on “bigotry, white supremacists and those who support them to stop pestering Alabama voters with this attack.”

The attack on Moore was one of several attacks on Moore on Sunday, including an accusation that the candidate is “too close to the radical left” and that he’s trying to “get in the door of the Senate.”

Moore’s campaign has accused Democrats of being the ones trying to discredit him.

“The Democratic Party is in bed with the radical Left, and they are pandering to the radicals in Alabama,” Moore’s campaign manager, Jeff Scheidt, said on Sunday.

“This is the latest example of this.

They are panders to the extreme left.”

The Alabama GOP had a candidate running for the Senate named to replace Sen. Luther Strange (R), but the party said that Moore would be the next senator to be sworn in.

Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, also faces a challenge from Democrat Doug Jones.

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