How to get an Airbnb in Sydney

Nasty weather can make it hard for visitors to book accommodation in the capital city, but the city is offering free car rental and hotel rooms on the premises of luxury property developer Airbnb.

A new ‘special offer’ for Airbnb users, called ‘The Hotel for Free’, allows them to book hotel rooms in Sydney for a nominal fee of $10 per night and also provides access to free car rentals for an extra $25 per night.

The offer is available on the Airbnb website from Monday, January 27, at 8am (AEST).

The deal is a departure from the usual “free night” arrangement that the site allows for its users to use as a way to promote their properties.

For instance, Airbnb’s website previously had a ‘Hotel for free’ option that allowed users to book hotels in the Sydney CBD for a fee of about $20 a night.

But with the new offer, the site is now also offering ‘special offers’ for people to book properties on the same terms, such as the hotel room and car rental option.

A special offer for Airbnb uses its “special offers” system to allow its users the ability to “get the best deal possible” and “unlimited nights” to book a property.

This “special offer” allows users to have a “great deal” on their hotel room, but also allows users the “unrestricted nights” option.

“A special deal is for you if you need to book overnight accommodation for your family or friends,” a user with the handle ‘Thehotelforfree’ explained on the site.

“We can offer you the most competitive rate on the hotel or car rental options we have available.

You can book a room for $10 a night and enjoy unlimited nights.”

For an additional $25 you can book car rentals and enjoy an additional day at our Sydney property for $25.

“The ‘special deal’ also allows visitors to “book overnight accommodation and enjoy a week at our luxury property” for $50.

You will need to provide your email address and password when booking and if you have any questions, please contact us.””

Our offer is for those who need a special deal, because you can always book a hotel room for an additional night,” the user explained.

“You will need to provide your email address and password when booking and if you have any questions, please contact us.”

The Hotels for Free special offer is limited to just a handful of cities in Australia and New Zealand, but it is not limited to the city of Sydney.

The New Zealand City Council and the Australian Capital Territory Government have been working together to encourage Airbnb users to “take advantage of the offer” by allowing people to access their properties from all parts of New Zealand.

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