Which are the top five luxury car rental agencies in Italy?

New York City car rental company Empire Car Rental is the top luxury car rentals agency in Italy.

It was founded in 2013 by Peter and Joanna Carlini, who are also former employees of luxury car-rental site Caravan.

Empire has been listed on the stock exchange since March 2014. 

They also own luxury car dealership Caravans luxury brand.

The Caravan brand is also owned by Italian car rental service Ritz Caravane, which is now owned by luxury car brand, Vittorio Veneto. 

Ritz Caravan has been one of the most successful luxury car leasing companies in Italy, since it started in 1999.

The company has more than 40 locations in Italy and is the third-largest car rental provider in the country. 

In the latest financial report, Empire reported a net profit of €17.9 million for the year ended 30 September, up from a loss of €13.9m for the previous financial year. 

It was the largest profit for the company, with a profit margin of 21.7%, which was the highest for a luxury car company in the financial year 2017. 

The company also reported a profit of almost €10 million in the first half of 2018. 

“It is great news for the Italian market, as Empire has a very strong base and can reach out to many different types of customers,” Carlinis son, Peter, told Financial Times. 

According to Empire, the company’s total turnover in 2018 was €23.5 million, of which €8.9 billion was in the luxury car business, which represents 15% of the total turnover. 

StarHub, which was founded by former Star Trek actor Robert Picardo, is also a popular luxury car renting company in Italy with more than 20 locations. 

As well as its Star Trek-themed stores, the StarHub stores are also owned and operated by StarHub Group, which operates over 500,000 stores worldwide. 

This includes all StarHub outlets in the US, Europe and Australia. 

A recent study by The Financial Times, however, showed that while the popularity of StarHub was not a huge factor in the company raising its stock price, it may be an important factor for the overall business model. 

Source: Financial Times

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