How to save money on rental car rental insurance

Get ready for some new car insurance terms and conditions.

The new insurance rules were put in place in an effort to improve the reliability of auto insurance.

Now that’s going to be even harder for renters.

Read more about rental car policies.1.

Your rental car policy will cost you more to renew than your primary vehicle insurance policy2.

The policy will not cover damage or damage to the vehicle3.

You’ll be charged a “special assessment” if you don’t pay the extra cost4.

Your primary vehicle’s deductible will be higher than your rental car coverage5.

The amount of the special assessment will depend on your income, your age, and whether you have an auto accident6.

You can’t buy a new car with a car rental policy.

It has to be bought by the time you hit your limit for a rental car.

There’s no way to cancel your rental policy without having to pay the additional fee.7.

You won’t be eligible for a discount if your car is totaled, stolen, or damaged by a third party8.

You have to pay your own deductible.

The new rules affect all auto insurance companies, so it’s important to take a closer look at what you need to know to be a good rental car owner.

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