How a California Cabo Car Rental Company Made $8.8 Million per Week and Did So With no Job In Sight

A cabo car rental company in Los Angeles, California, has been making big money off of its “free” drivers, despite paying them only $1,200 per month, according to an investigation by Breitbart News.

The company, CaboCarRental, was founded in 2010 and is owned by billionaire businessman Peter Thiel, whose company, Palantir Technologies, was also named as a co-conspirator in the fraud.

The California cabo rental company is called Cabo.

Its website says it has 2,000 cars available for rental to customers in a radius of more than 10 miles in Los Altos, a suburb of Orange County.

But the company claims to have been able to make about $8 million a week.

The website says that while it has been operating, its drivers have been making “almost $2 million per month,” which is more than the salaries paid to other drivers on the market.

But according to the investigation, it is unclear what these numbers are.

The investigation found that Cabo has been using a “free rider” program that allows customers to rent cars without paying.

Under the program, customers can pick up the vehicle they choose from the company’s fleet of cars, and rent them to other customers for $1.99 a day.

But this does not guarantee that the driver will get paid for the use of the vehicle.

For example, when the owner of a car wants to hire a driver to drive to a restaurant to deliver groceries, they could pick up their car and pay $1 for the trip, but Cabo could use that money to pay for other vehicles they wanted to rent.

This could be done by renting out cars in the same neighborhood as the restaurant, as well as in the neighborhood of another customer who wants to drive the same car.

This is similar to the way Uber operates.

The Uber model is similar in that the customer picks up the car and pays the driver for the ride.

But in this case, the customer also pays for the food delivery.

But Cabo is not the only company offering this service.

Other companies such as UberPool and Lyft also allow customers to pick up cars and rent rides without paying, but they also charge drivers a fee.

“They charge the driver a fee,” said a source with direct knowledge of the company.

“It’s called a ‘freelance driver fee’ and is paid out to the driver by the company,” the source added.

In addition, the company charges a small fee to use the car, which is usually only a few cents, according the source.

This fee is also not disclosed to customers, and it is unknown whether it is collected from the driver or the driver’s employer.

In total, the fee for using a Cabo car is $1 per hour, according one of the sources.

The owner of the Cabo cars told Breitbart News that his company is “trying to make a living” by renting them to customers.

“We are trying to make money from the cars, we don’t make a profit,” he said.

The Cabo owner, who declined to provide his last name, said that the company did not use “any technology whatsoever” to operate the vehicles.

He said that they were able to book up to three customers per vehicle and that all customers were required to register.

The driver of a Cabotys car said that he was a regular customer and had rented the car for a month and a half.

“I have been renting the car to people since May and we had about 2,200 people that wanted to use our car for pickup,” the driver said.

“Some of the people wanted to pick them up for groceries.

It’s just a matter of time before we run out of cars.

We have a lot of customers, but not all of them have the time to book them.”

The driver said that if the company runs out of vehicles, he would “probably” quit the business.

“But we would definitely hire some new people,” he added.

“In a year, if they run out, I’ll probably move on.”

The owner added that the cost of renting a Cabro vehicle was about $2,000 per month.

But if a customer wants to rent a car for less than $1 a day, the Caboty company does not charge any fee to the customer.

But, according an investigation into the company by Breitbart, the owner and the other drivers in his company are required to pay $100 per day in “car insurance” fees.

“All of the drivers in the Cabro cars are required by law to wear a seatbelt and carry a license plate that says ‘FREE LABELING,'” the investigation found.

The owners of the cars are also required to take a course on the importance of being a “driver safety advocate

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