Why ladybug cars are getting the short end of the stick in Washington’s parking lot

A Washingtonian recently visited the parking lot of a Ladybug car lease company and noticed that some of the car’s keys were not working.

“It’s kind of a mystery why,” the ladybug resident said of the keys.

A few years ago, a ladybug business owner contacted The Washingtonian after noticing that the company was using ladybugs to rent out cars on a daily basis.

She explained to the reporter that they use the ladybugs as “back-up vehicles” because they’re the “best bug you can have in a parking lot.”

A recent Washingtonian article found that ladybugs are the most common bug found in Washington parking lots.

A ladybug-based business called “Ladybug Car Rentals” operates from the same parking lot as the D.C. Metro Transit Museum.

The ladybugs can be found in the parking lots of all the major U.S. cities.

They have been spotted in New York, Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta.

They’re not only found in parking lots, but in other locations too.

The Washingtonians report that the ladybirds are the only bug that can actually drive.

They also note that the little bugs can “run around on the floor, and they’re also known to do things like jump out of cars and try to grab cars with their antennae.”

The WashingtonIAN contacted the Ladybug Car rental company and was told by a woman that the business is “a small-business-only business.”

They also reported that the service is not available on the weekend, so customers should book online and use their phone number.

It’s unclear whether or not the ladybird car rental company is actually a business, but they do have a Facebook page that lists a few business owners.

If you have any information about ladybugs or ladybug rentals in Washington, please contact the Ladybugs.com office at (202) 944-5671.

If the ladybee car rental business is in your area, please send an email to [email protected]

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