When to rent a car with the best rental car deals

With a $7,500 monthly rental fee, the Chevrolet Suburban costs $7.4 million to rent and $2.5 million to replace.

With a base price of $54,995, the Suburban is the most expensive car rental on the market.

It’s also the second-most expensive car on Craigslist, with a base rate of $2,979.

But even with the lower rate, it’s still the most costly car to rent in New York City, according to data from Zumper.

A Mercedes-Benz A320e costs $2 million to buy and replace, while the Honda Civic is $1.4.

If you’re in the market for a new car, here are the top 5 car rental deals in New Jersey.1.

Mercedes-AMG Q550S 2.

Nissan Sentra QX50 3.

Toyota Camry SE 4.

Honda Civic 5.

Chevrolet Suburbans for rent or buyTop 5 car rentals in New Brunswick, New JerseyThe Chevy Suburban and Honda Civic are the most affordable cars available in New Bern, New Brunswick.

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