When to rent a car with the best rental car deals

With a $7,500 monthly rental fee, the Chevrolet Suburban costs $7.4 million to rent and $2.5 million to replace.

With a base price of $54,995, the Suburban is the most expensive car rental on the market.

It’s also the second-most expensive car on Craigslist, with a base rate of $2,979.

But even with the lower rate, it’s still the most costly car to rent in New York City, according to data from Zumper.

A Mercedes-Benz A320e costs $2 million to buy and replace, while the Honda Civic is $1.4.

If you’re in the market for a new car, here are the top 5 car rental deals in New Jersey.1.

Mercedes-AMG Q550S 2.

Nissan Sentra QX50 3.

Toyota Camry SE 4.

Honda Civic 5.

Chevrolet Suburbans for rent or buyTop 5 car rentals in New Brunswick, New JerseyThe Chevy Suburban and Honda Civic are the most affordable cars available in New Bern, New Brunswick.

For more affordable car rentals, check out our guide.

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