The ‘Star Wars’ Franchise Is Not for Everyone

A lot of people are saying that they want to get into the Star Wars franchise.

The problem is that they aren’t necessarily looking for a great Star Wars movie, but for a good one.

So let’s take a look at some of the franchises most popular films. 


The Clone Wars The Clone Wars (1999) The original Clone Wars is one of the best known Star Wars films.

This was a series of television episodes that aired on Cartoon Network.

In each episode, a Clone trooper, a Rebel pilot, and a bounty hunter team up to stop an invasion of Naboo.

Star Wars: Clone Wars has a pretty good track record, having received eight Emmy Awards, two Academy Awards, and three BAFTA nominations for Best Animated Series, Best Supporting Actor in a Series, and Best Cinematography.

The main character in this series is R2-D2.

R2-A2 and C-3PO were originally the original characters for this series.

Although this series was pretty short-lived, the Clone Wars continues to be popular as an animated series.

In 2017, the film The Clone Awakens was released, which is basically a sequel to The Clone War.


The Original Series: Return of the Jedi (1983) In 1983, Disney released Star Wars: Episode IV Return of The Jedi.

At the time, George Lucas was a very successful and influential filmmaker.

He also had a very lucrative and successful publishing business.

His films were successful enough to make him rich enough to have many homes.

Even though George Lucas had a great relationship with Disney, he felt he needed to do something else to help support his family.

Disney wanted to use Star Wars to expand their publishing business and get some movies made.

George Lucas wanted to create a movie that would help them get a better deal on their movies.

So Lucas wrote and directed Return of the Jedi.

There were several problems with the movie, which Lucas says were the following: The movie was too long.

It wasn’t as good as other Star Wars movies.

Lucas said that it was better than other movies because it didn’t have as many scenes of Vader.

A lot of the scenes of the battle between the Empire and the Rebellion didn’t end well.

Despite these problems, Lucas went ahead and released Return of Star Wars in 1983.


The Phantom Menace (1977) A movie that started life as a pilot and then turned into a series.

It was a sci-fi adventure story set during the Clone War in the year 20 BBY.

But for a movie with a lot of science fiction elements, Phantom Menaces wasn’t very well received.

People didn’t like it because of the fact that it had a Jedi villain and a pirate named Jabba the Hutt.

After this movie was released in 1977, it didn, and so the movie became the most hated movie of all time.

Many people hated the movie because it wasn’t that good, and because it had too many science fiction parts. 


The Return of Ben Kenobi (1977-1978) Ben Kenobi was a Jedi Knight and leader of the Rebel Alliance in the original Star Wars.

Ben was originally part of the Resistance during the Battle of Endor.

Following the Battle on Endor, Ben became a Padawan and a Jedi Master.

Since Ben was a young boy, he had a lot to learn about the Force.

When Ben was 16, he joined the Rebellion and went on a mission to assassinate the Emperor.

Unfortunately, Ben was shot by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ben became his prisoner.

Ben’s father was a former Jedi Master and Jedi Knight.

During the Clone Campaign, Ben helped the Rebellion take over the planet Yavin 4.

Ben joined the rebellion to help Obi-wan and the other Jedi Masters in defeating the Empire.

Once the rebellion gained the support of the First Order, Ben joined Obi-wans new squadron, the Ghost Squadron.

Ben, as well as other members of the Ghost Squad, went on to become an ace pilot.


Attack of the Clones (1977-) Attack of the Clone Clones was a trilogy that began with Revenge of the Sith and went through Clone Wars and Clone Wars 2.

Attack was a Star Wars series that started with Attack of The Clones and ended with Clone Wars 3.

While the series had a strong relationship with Lucasfilm, the original trilogy is not as well-known as the sequels.

With Clone Wars III, Lucasfilm was able to bring together a lot more characters from Attack of Clones.

That was because Lucasfilm wanted to have a different approach to the Clone characters.

Instead of having a lot that they could use, Lucas wanted the Clone Clone characters

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