Take your rental car back to Tulsa

Take your car rental to Tulsa, OK?

I don’t care how many times you drive it, it doesn’t have to be a rental car, but if you’ve got a spare tire, a bad brake, or a busted windshield, you’re going to want to make sure it’s taken care of.

I had a rental that had a leaky radiator and was about to be towed, so I asked my husband if we could bring it in.

He had a spare and said, “I’ll just drive it to the garage.”

We drove it to my friend’s house, and he put a sheet over it to make it look like it was just a rental.

It took two minutes, but the car was returned to me.

The next day, my car was towed.

My friend said she wanted to drive the car, and we had to put up a sign that said, You are not permitted to drive your rental in this parking lot.

After we returned the car to my house, I asked if it was the rental car that was towed, and my friend said no, it was a friend’s car.

She called the rental company and asked if they could take it back.

The rental company said no.

We called the tow company and explained that we needed the car for a long weekend trip, and they had a couple of rental cars that were already rented.

The company said they’d have to send the car back.

So we sent the car home.

When we returned it to me, I told the rental agency that I was a woman who couldn’t drive my car.

They said, No, it’s yours.

So I gave them my address, the rental number, and a phone number.

At the end of the day, I paid the rental and it came back to me with my new lease.

But I didn’t get a refund, and the car I was supposed to be taking back didn’t even make it to Tulsa.

That was a fun, personal experience, and I’ll definitely recommend that to anyone looking for a rental and want to save money on a rental without having to take it to a car rental company.

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