How to rent a car in New York City without paying a rental fee

New York, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Car rental companies such as Hertz and Uber, which have raised the ire of regulators and consumer advocates for charging higher rental rates than traditional car rental companies like Car2go, have been expanding their fleets in the city.

This is part of a shift away from traditional car-rental companies, which are more focused on leasing their cars rather than renting them.

The latest addition to Hertz’s fleet is a $150,000 Tesla Model S, which is available with a three-month lease and is available on the website for $25 a month.

Hertz said the Model S is the first Tesla in its fleet.

The company also said the new car, which it plans to install in the coming months, will be “the most luxurious electric vehicle in New England.”

In addition to its Model S lease option, Hertz has also added a Tesla P90D, a $60,000 luxury sedan, to its fleet, which can be leased for $40 a month for a year.

It also said it has begun leasing out Tesla vehicles to local community groups.

“The Tesla fleet is designed to be the perfect fit for our communities,” said Matt Karp, general manager of Hertz Hertz.

“They have the most advanced technology, luxury amenities and a low cost to lease model years of the cars, and the community is our best customer.

We are committed to being the best in our field.”

The company added that its fleet is made up of the latest Tesla vehicles, which include the Model X, Model 3 and Model 4.

A spokesperson for Hertz added that Tesla will continue to offer leasing options for its cars for the foreseeable future.

The companies said they plan to expand their fleet as more people use their services, and said they are looking to increase the amount of space available for their vehicles.

“We will be looking at leasing new vehicles, as well as expanding our fleet to meet demand for our services,” said the spokesperson.

“This includes leasing a Tesla vehicle for a month, and a Model S for three months.” 

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