Why are car rental companies doing a ‘better job of promoting cars?’

By Mike TonserIn an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky announced that he was retiring after more than 15 years at the company.

Chesky, who has a history of leaving companies for greener pastures, is a former CEO of car rental company RentalCar.

The company is now a part of Lyft, which owns car rental platform Lyft.

Chesk’s departure comes on the heels of the resignation of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who left the company in October amid a slew of controversies.

“When I saw the news today that I’m retiring from Airbnb, I didn’t think that was going to happen.

It just didn’t feel right,” Chesky told the WSJ.

“I was just thinking of what I’m doing with Lyft and how we’re going to continue to serve our communities.”

The company said in a statement that it was “working to ensure that we can continue to be the best choice for our guests and partners.”

The WSJ reports that the move was made on Thursday.

Lyft is also in the process of merging with its competitor, Sidecar, which operates in New York City and San Francisco.

The WSj says the move will likely result in some disruption for Airbnb guests.

Airbnb’s platform already offers a car rental option, and the WSj reports that guests may need to get out of their cars and travel to the car rental site.