How to rent a sports car in Boise

In Boise, Idaho, it can be difficult to find a car rental company to rent your favorite sports car.

That’s because it’s illegal for the state to regulate how people rent a car.

But that’s changing, and now it seems like it’s happening in Boise, Idaho.

In January, Idaho became the first in the country to allow for car rentals that can be booked online.

It’s a major milestone for the car rental industry.

That change could affect thousands of car rental companies across the country, from rental agencies in Los Angeles to rental companies in New York City.

As the story unfolds in Boise right now, we’ll be updating this story as it develops.

For the uninitiated, a car is essentially a car used for transportation.

It includes the wheels, gas tank, and brakes.

Cars are commonly owned by young people, college students, and families.

But because car rentals are illegal in the state, car rental agencies are struggling to fill the void left by the loss of local laws.

In December, Idaho passed House Bill 511, which legalized car rental businesses that were legally permitted to operate.

In Boise, the law took effect in February.

Boise’s new laws are the result of a 2015 case involving a car in which the driver was convicted of a felony and sentenced to 30 days in jail.

The car was parked illegally in Boise City’s parking lot, but the owner was allowed to park it for free.

When the owner saw the officer, he pulled over and parked the car.

The officer told the owner that he could not take the car because it was parked for free and that he had to leave.

The Idaho Supreme Court upheld the officer’s decision, but he faced a lengthy sentence for violating the law.

The Supreme Court ruled that the driver should have been given a harsher sentence because he did not drive the car for free or because he was an employee of the company.

The Idaho Attorney General’s office appealed the case, and the Idaho Supreme court reversed, saying that the officer was acting within the bounds of his employment.

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