Car rental company, Priceless Car Rental, opens up new business in NYC

New York City car rental company is opening up a new car rental business.

The site, which is named after its founder, has partnered with midway car renting, which allows drivers to book their car through their phone.

Pricawar’s site is called Priceways, and it will allow drivers to pick up their car from a nearby Midway Car Rentals store.

The car rental service is still in the early stages, but the team is excited to open up a mobile app to let drivers book their cars.

The app will also allow drivers in New York to find cars near them.

Pricy cars, however, are still pricey for New Yorkers.

Priscawar says the car rental industry is experiencing a shortage of new car rentals in the city.

The service is working with the midway branch of the company to help fill the void.

“The new Priscaws are a great opportunity to get our cars into more homes,” said John R. Stauffer, president and chief operating officer of Midway Cars, which operates the Midway store in Queens.

“We can’t wait to see what this new model will do for drivers.”

Priceway’s website is currently in beta, but it’s unclear when drivers will be able to book through the app., another Priscawan service, has a similar app that will allow people to book from their phones, but this time drivers will also have to pay an app fee, which can run as high as $300 for drivers who sign up for it.