Aspen car rentals: A rental that can be your own private car?

A car rental company in Colorado is looking to add another option to the growing list of private car rentals.

The Denver Post reports that Aspen Car Rental is launching a new business to provide private car rental options to the general public.

Aspen Car Rentals will take reservations and offer private car sharing through its website.

In a statement, CEO Ryan Smith said, “Aspen has always been known for our passion for bringing our customers the unique experience of owning a private car.

We’re excited to provide a unique way to get behind the wheel of a car.”

The company is based in Denver, Colorado and is currently recruiting drivers for a limited number of vehicles.

Smith said the company plans to bring private carsharing to the city and expand to other cities as the demand for private car ownership grows.

If you’re looking to rent a private vehicle for the weekend, Aspen says you’ll want to check out the company’s rental app for more details.