AARP car rental in South Australia costs $20,000

South Australia’s AARP said on Friday that it was charging $20 for car rental services in South Australian cities, costing the average household about $1,200 per month.

The $20 fee is on top of the $25 car rental fee that the AARP states that its members must pay.

It is also $10 more than the annual fee AARP members are required to pay in their state.

South Australia’s State Government has also announced it will increase the annual car rental charge by an extra $10 for the first time.

The charge increases from the existing annual fee of $25 to $30.ABC Rural South Australia is running a special online advertising campaign this week.

The campaign is called “How Much does it Cost to Rent a Car in South Africa?”.AARP’s South Australia branch said in a statement on Friday it would continue to offer car rental options in the state, with the new fee being $20.

“The AARP South Australia Car Rental program provides affordable car rental opportunities to South Australians and we are proud to have the support of our membership and community in the South Australian Capital Region,” AARP Regional Director Steve Taylor said.

“We look forward to continuing to provide car rental programs to our members across South Australia, and will continue to encourage them to make the switch to affordable car rentals.”

South Australia Police Service spokesman Andrew Prentice said the new charges were a direct response to AARP’s campaign and would affect people in the Capital Region.

“They are the same charges that people are paying in South Carolina,” Mr Prentice told ABC South West.

“It’s a very simple fact.

If you don’t pay your car rental bill you’re out of luck, you’re not getting a car, you can’t get your money back, you are essentially paying a $20 per month surcharge to avoid paying your car tax.”

South Australian police said people could access a car rental application from the South Australia Police website.

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