When to use the word “rent” in car rental

Car rental companies like Bozeman Car Rental and Turo Car Rented are getting more aggressive in advertising and offering a higher-priced option than you might expect.

But you might want to keep your word.

A recent report from Consumer Reports found that the majority of renters say they don’t pay the full price for a rental, and nearly half say they will not make a rental payment if the price is higher than they’re used to.

And according to the study, most of those renters said they don-t have the money to pay for gas or insurance.

Read the full story at Consumer Reports.

Bozeman Car Rentals and Tiro Car Rents offer “rent-to-go” options that can save you money if you can’t afford the full-price rental.

They’re available in select locations in Montana and Washington state.

You can use the Bozemans app to book a car rental and use that to find the right rental for you.

If you’re renting an SUV or pick-up truck, Bozems app lets you book a ride for as little as $25.

When you arrive at your rental location, you’ll see the option to “rent to go” and then “pay cash.”

It’s a quick way to save money and can be a great option if you don’t want to drive yourself to the rental site.

Bozemen and Treso’s app lets drivers use their phone as a remote control to set up a car payment.

You can pay cash, credit card, or a cashier’s check.

Both Bozemeans and Troso apps offer options to make payments using the Bozes app, but they don�t provide a way to cancel a reservation.

Boos’ app offers the option of a “prepaid credit card” option, but it requires you to have a credit card with a balance of $200 or more.

Bozes PayPass app is also free to use, but the Bozos PayPass system can only accept a minimum of $50 in payment.

BozingPay is not as secure as Bozmes app, which is why it is not recommended for those renting a pickup truck or SUV.

The Bozmans app offers a $25 payment option, while the Tresos app offers “free cash” for $25, plus the option for an additional $25 for an extra 30 days if you pay cash.

You also have the option, though, to cancel your reservation within 30 days of the booking.

Read more about car rentals, financing and car rental companies here.

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