Manual car rentals available online at rental shops in Montana

Montana is set to be the first state in the country to start allowing people to rent cars online with a new service called the Slingshot Car Rental Montana.

The service will allow residents of Montana’s three largest cities to rent vehicles at any time of day or night, for as little as $9 a day.

The program was introduced last week and will roll out across Montana starting with two cities: Glacier and Cannon Falls.

The service is expected to be rolled out nationwide in the next several weeks.

The Slingshots service will be a hybrid of the company’s current service called Auto Rental Plus and the company�s previous service called CarRental Plus, which lets customers rent cars at the drop of a hat.

It allows the rental company to use the GPS data from the rental vehicle to estimate the amount of time it will take for the vehicle to arrive at the rental location.

The rental company will then provide the driver with a receipt, a receipt with the date and time of arrival and a prepaid credit card.

The Montana state legislature has already passed a law to allow people to lease vehicles at the click of a mouse.

The legislation has been in the works for years.

It is modeled after a law in Washington state, where people can rent cars using a smartphone.

Development Is Supported By

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