Lyft is planning to roll out a mobile app in Europe and the US, but only if there are enough cars to cover the costs

The ride-hailing service Lyft is exploring an expanded app that would allow users to pick up their rides, check their car insurance status, and see how many passengers are on the route.

The service would also offer a similar service to that provided by Uber and other competitors, according to sources.

However, Lyft is not ready to unveil the service until it is able to get enough cars in Europe to cover its operating costs, according a person familiar with the matter.

The company has not yet made a final decision on the technology, which would allow it to get more vehicles into the market before the start of the holiday season.

Uber, which launched in the United States in 2015, is expanding into Europe and has been gaining ground in countries such as Germany, France, and Spain, where it operates.

The startup has not announced plans to launch in North America, where its service is based.

Lyft is also working with car rental companies in Germany, where Uber currently operates, and the Netherlands.

While Lyft has not publicly detailed the technology that it is working on, sources have said that it has developed a network of self-driving cars.

It is unclear how the company plans to use its technology, although one person familiar said that Lyft is considering offering self-drive service as part of its product offering.

The idea of using autonomous cars to carry passengers has gained traction recently, as Uber and Lyft have both rolled out self-drivers in a number of cities, and Tesla has begun offering its Model 3, which has a battery pack that can recharge itself with electricity.

Lyft, which is valued at $18 billion, recently said that its market valuation will surpass $100 billion, although it has yet to release financials.

Development Is Supported By

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