How to tell if a cab driver is gay: How to choose the right driver

The cab driver in your life may not be your ideal match, but you’re never too old or too young to ask the questions you need to know before you pick your driver.

For those of you with more experience, you may have to ask some questions yourself, since cab drivers often do not speak English, nor do they have the skills necessary to properly assess a person’s sexual orientation.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best driver for you: What do you want?

The cab company should be able to tell you a lot about a person, so ask what you’re looking for.

If they don’t know you, they’ll probably give you a description of what they think of you, and how they would like you to feel.

For example, you might want a driver who is more likely to be gay, or who is a bit more open-minded about your sexual orientation, or someone who you feel is more open to the idea of dating you.

How do you feel about the person?

Ask yourself: Is he or she interested in meeting other people?

Is he/she outgoing and social?

Does he/ she have a good sense of humor?

Does the person seem like a good fit for the job?

Is the person well-mannered?

Is they interested in being a part of the company?

Does their gender fit the job description?

If you don’t feel like you’re comfortable with someone in your workplace, you should ask what they like to do.

You may be surprised by what you find out, since some cab drivers are not really interested in working with men.

They might not be interested in men or men alone.

How did you meet the person in the first place?

Most cab drivers do not have a romantic history, but if you’re interested in a partner, ask what the other person has done for you.

What kind of a relationship do you have?

If the person you’re dating has been in a romantic relationship with another person, they might not know it.

You’ll also want to ask if the other partner is still involved in the relationship.

Are they married?

Are they divorced?

Are their children living with them?

Are the kids on vacation?

Have you talked about your romantic past with the person(s) you’re considering dating?

Do they have any siblings?

If so, how old are they?

How old is the child?

Have they had children of their own?

How do they see their relationship with the other individual?

How many children do you think the person has?

How long has the relationship been going on?

Are there children?

Have the kids ever been at home with the partner?

Are you comfortable with this person’s ability to be open about their sexual orientation?

Have your children spoken to each other about their relationship?

Are either the children or the partner willing to make a public statement about their sexuality?

Have any of the children ever reported a romantic incident to you?

How much money are you willing to pay for a cab ride?

Do you want to be involved in a relationship?

Does your relationship make you feel safe and comfortable in your own home?

How did they make you comfortable in their home?

Are your children able to handle being home with a person who is not their own partner?

Is this person comfortable in the workplace?

Have either the partner or the child ever had to be separated from the other?

What are the expectations for the relationship?

Will the person be in a safe workplace?

Will there be a shared social life?

Are both partners able to provide for each other financially?

What do they like about each other?

Are we talking about someone you would have sex with?

Are those expectations realistic?

What kind and amount of money do you expect to be spent on the relationship, and if you want a more casual relationship, is there a more stable one available?

Are each of you comfortable spending the same amount of time together?

Are children comfortable spending time with each other in the same time frame?

How are they handling their relationships?

Are siblings comfortable with each others’ relationship?

What is your relationship with your parents?

Are these kids your children?

How have you dealt with issues with your mother and father?

Have these issues been resolved?

How well have you managed to keep up with your responsibilities?

Are parents or siblings comfortable meeting with you?

Are any of your children ready to move out of your home?

Have there been any physical, emotional, or financial issues that have affected your children or you in any way?

Have problems with your children’s emotional well-being?

Are family and friends still available to help resolve the issues that you have with them if needed?

Are all of your family and family friends available to support you if needed, and will they be?

Are other people available to be in your home, and is this the best place for you to live?

Are neighbors and other family members willing to be your support team if needed and willing to provide you with a place to stay?

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