How to rent a car for $300 a day using the car rental apps app on Buzzfeed

The car rental giant Buzzfeed recently published an article about car rental company CarRental that detailed how you can rent a used car for about $300 per day, as well as how to buy a car at an auto auction site, all for less than $500 a month.

The article was written by BuzzFeed staff writer Amanda M. Zierman.

Buzzfeed has since taken down the article, but you can read the entire article below.

BuzzFeed published a story about the car rentals app CarRent on Monday, July 6, 2016.

Here are the main points:BuzzFeed staff writer and BuzzFeed Contributor Amanda M Ziermann wrote about how you could rent a new car for less money using the CarRoten app.

The app offers a car rental service that includes rental prices, rental hours, and the ability to buy your new car with your credit card.

Buzzfeed’s Amanda Ziermans story was written before the company announced a partnership with car rental site CarRoto.

The two companies will begin offering cars at auction beginning this summer, and will be competing against the likes of Uber and Airbnb.

Buzzsaw an infographic that was published on the Buzzfeed site that shows how much it would cost to rent an old vehicle, including the leasing period, to a local auto auction, with prices ranging from $200 to $350 per day.

Buzzsaw the cost of renting a car, as calculated by the app, to an auto rental site, which includes the cost per day for leasing a car.

Buzzsee how much a used vehicle can cost with an auto auctions website, which include a comparison to other auto rentals.

The Buzzsaw article also noted how the Carroton car rental website can be purchased for $150 per month, which means you can save about $800 per month by renting your car from an auto dealer.

Buzzweeks article also mentioned that you can buy your car with a credit card, which is the same payment method that other car rental services offer.

Buzz saw how you have the option to rent your car at a local auction site like CarRota or CarRac, and you can find a car on the website at an auction that you’ve never been to before.

BuzzWeeks article added that the most affordable car rental sites in the US include car rental websites like, CarRotor, and CarRates.

Buzz we’ve covered the car-rental services for some time now, and we’ll continue to follow these as more and more cars are available for purchase.