How to choose the best car rental in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — If you’ve been to Los Angeles, you’re probably familiar with the iconic car rental shops known as Emerald Car Rental and Fresh California.

Emerald Car Rentals, located at 3100 West Broadway, and FreshCalifornia, located near the 101 Freeway and the 405 freeway, are two of the largest car rental companies in Los Angeles.

They’re the ones that first started the trend of car rental businesses opening in Los Angels in the late 1990s.

It wasn’t long after that, Emerald and Fresh started working together to create the best-rated car rental company in the city.

Now, after years of working together, Emeradors CEO and founder John Haines says he believes he has found a perfect fit.

“We’ve found a partnership where we have a great relationship with Emerald, who is a great landlord in Los Angles, and who knows we’ll be able to create a great business,” Hained said.

Haines and Emerald have been in the car rental business for more than a decade.

He says Emerald has become a “big fan” of the brand.

And now, after working with Emeradons founder and CEO, Hainet, for more time, Hains believes he and Emerad are on the right track.

We have a fantastic relationship with John Hains Emerald car renting and Fresh Car rental.

– Emerald CEO John HaineSource: The Times-Picayune/ABC News