CAR RENTALS: Tahoe car rental site opens in Tucson

The car rental company CarRentals is opening a car rental shop in Tucson.

Owner David Lefkowitz said it was important to open the store in the Phoenix suburb where the Arizona Coyotes are playing, so fans could pick up their cars from the airport.

The Tucson car rental store will have seating for up to eight people, including one car for every four people in the car rental suite.

The shop will offer an assortment of car rentals from the cheapest to the highest-end, he said.

Lefkowski said he and his team started looking for a location a few years ago, but were unsure of the location.

Now, they have secured a prime location in downtown Tucson.

CarRenters is the first car rental service in the country to be established in Tucson, Lefkyowitz said.

The company is located at the corner of Fourth and South Fifth avenues, across from the University of Arizona.

The business is operated by a team of about 30 people.

The location is the only one of its kind in Tucson and Lefkewitz said they will offer more locations in the future.