Which cities are next to get a new car rental startup?

Next Big Futures reports that it expects Charlotte to be the next city to have a car rental service, as the city is already home to a number of car rental companies, including the car rental company Hertz.

“The company is expanding to Charlotte,” Next Big writes, “which is expected to make it one of the first markets in the country.”

This could be good news for car rental operators as they are looking to expand into new markets, as Charlotte is one of a number cities where there are several car rental firms.

The new company will use the same technology as the popular Hertz car rental app and is looking to increase its customer base by providing car rentals to people who are not able to rent a car themselves.

Next Big says that Hertz is looking for a new location for its car rental business in Charlotte, as it is one that is close to many of the other car rental services.

Hertz will reportedly open a new parking lot in the downtown area of Charlotte, in addition to the parking lot currently located in North Charlotte.

“We believe that Charlotte will be a strong and attractive location for us to expand,” Hertz’s co-founder and CEO, Jeff Schulte, told Next Big.

“Charlotte is a city that is a hub for a number, but not all, of the local car rental businesses, so we think Charlotte is a good fit for us.”

Hertz has already invested in Charlotte and will be expanding its services in the city.

Charlotte is the first major U.S. city to receive its first car rental firm, Next Big predicts.

“Car rental services in Charlotte are experiencing rapid growth,” Next Bigs Future CEO and co-Founder, Robby Johnson, said.

“With more than 2,200 rental services, the growth of the industry in Charlotte has been phenomenal and continues to be.”

The company has been working on the technology to connect its car rentals and car rental apps, and has partnered with Hertz to provide services in addition the Hertz app.

“As more and more car rental and car loan services are added to the Charlotte market, it will become a more attractive location,” Johnson said.

Charlotte’s rapid growth has also seen the creation of new car lending and car leasing companies, such as the Charlotte-based Capital Drive, which is a car loan company that was founded by Johnson and Schultes son, Justin.

“Capital Drive is committed to making Charlotte a great place for the next wave of car lending,” Schults son said.

Johnson and his son are also the founders of Hertz and the car loan app, Capital Drive.

“I think we’re going to see more and better collaboration between us and Hertz in the years to come,” Johnson told Next Bets Future.